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A work in progress taking place during my residence at Art Farm in Marquette NE. More images and video etc coming soon. In the middle is a 28 square mile performance that takes place at “food ground zero” (in and around Marquette NE) where industrial agriculture is unbridled and local food is scarce.

Shannon Young from Maryland, wanders lost through cornfields and countryside with a shopping cart; a perfect example of hope enacted that real food might be discovered on a farm. Ed Dadey Director of Art Farm Marquette NE

middle1 middle2

More Portable Garden Images 6/21/09

The gardens are growing wildly, Portable Harvest Performances and more plantings are planned for late June/early July.

Portable Gardens will also make an appearance at the Charles street Garage during Artscape  2009 (Baltimore MD).

Harvested 6/20

Photo 7

Recent Images:

cart3 cart4


planting-7 planting-3

planting-1 planting-2

Portable Garden #1 (a sketch)

Vegetables Planted: Lettuce, Mesclun Salad Mix, Swiss chard, Sugar Snap Peas, English Peas & Spinach.

Everything is growing well and salad performances/videos are in the works for late spring 2009



a-portabl-21 dscn4376


2 Responses to “Work in Progress”

  1. […] and abandoned grocery carts are not uncommon litter in Baltimore alleyways, and the artist Shannon Young decided to repurpose them by planting miniature vegetable gardens inside. This March, she lined two […]

  2. […] Oliver Street Studio resident artists and Area 405 volunteers.  In Touch Glass, Timothy Nohe and Shannon Young investigate the sounds of water, wine glasses, flickering candle flames, everyday gestures, and the […]

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