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The Market

Posted by shannyoung on August 29, 2008

The Market 

Spring 2008

The Market installation also included an interactive performance where viewers were able to buy or trade, artists books, as well as canned produce and baked goods.

The politics of local vs. global food infiltrates our homes and kitchens daily. Much of the population of this country is completely unaware of the distance their food must travel. The breakfast I eat in Baltimore may contain milk from California, fresh squeezed orange juice from South Africa and cereal from Ohio or Minnesota. Many of the choices we make about food are automatic. We are trained at a very young age to eat three meals a day. But the duration and purpose of these meals has changed drastically in the last century. Our fast paced culture forces us to gobble down frozen, canned and prepackaged food without thought of quality or taste.

So one might ask why is all of this important? Why should we care about where our food comes from and when and where we eat it? The Market  a multi-media installation consisting of photographs, artist books, video and a live performance seeks to provoke awareness of the urgency of such questions in contemporary life.


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